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Swingman Cares is on a mission to make a difference

Founded by MLB Hall of Fame legend, Ken Griffey Jr., Swingman Cares is working to improve the lives of people in our communities by creating support and widespread awareness through cause marketing campaigns with the support of the MLB & MLBPA Joint Initiative. Our community engagement efforts also help to educate and change attitudes toward disabilities and mental health conditions, thus reducing stigma, and educating people about the needs of people living with disabilities and/or mental illness.


Ken Griffey Jr.


Young athletes are expected to maintain a balanced family, social, academic, and extracurricular life, all while staying healthy both physically and mentally. One of our main goals is to shift the narrative around mental health in sports and encourage youth athletes to speak up and work through their struggles. Studies show that athletes who work on their mental health have an exponentially higher success rate in excelling in not just their sports, but in all aspects of life.

The number of veterans and military service members who are living with mental illness, chronic pain and substance abuse issues continues to climb at an alarming rate and suicide rates are at an all-time high. Tragically,many of these men and women suffer in silence due to the lack of access to proper care, debilitating social stigma and financial hardship. Our country's heroes deserve quality care in an efficient and compassionate manner.



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In partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Swingman Cares provides donor-based funds to athletes in underserved communities who can't afford mental performance coaching program for youth baseball, softball and basketball. Swingman Cares is committed to providing the same opportunities to everyone to become the best athlete they can be. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America proudly serves over 4 million youth nationwide.


Of the 177 people who commit suicide every day in America, 22 are veterans and one person is on active duty. PTSD, depression, chronic pain, and addiction are grappling the lives of our country's heroes. Through our partnership with Herozona, Swingman Cares is dedicated to providing these men and women the care they need and deserve, which has historically been unavailable due to lack of access, social stigma, and financial hardship.



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